Most Popular: Stocks & the Psychology of Money

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No matter where you are in your financial journey, you can use the principles in this course to create a substantial net worth, generate passive income and achieve the ability to retire early and enjoy life.

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Elite Hustler's University: Grow Your Income and Build Your Cash War Chest (New)

My only course dedicated to helping you grow your income and even build a cash-flowing hustle.

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Stocks & Psychology of Money
(Most Popular) The $5M Trading Challenge Has Started!

Use psychology to create substantial net worth, passive income & the ability to retire early and enjoy life.

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Real Estate Investing From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond

From small deals to big deals. For new & experienced investors. Learn how to build wealth with real estate. Highly recommended.

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Build Wealth With Youtube - From a #1 Trending Creator

Build a YouTube channel fast with algorithm secrets & editing hacks. Learn exactly how I built mine!

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The DIY Property Management & Rental Renovation Course

Everything you need to know to manage real estate yourself & maximize your passive income.

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Real Estate Sales: From $0 to $500k & Beyond by Becoming a No-Pressure Agent®.

For agents & brokers who want to find more clients & service them better by Providing More®.

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Limited Spots: The Shadow Kevin Experience

Spend quality time and learn through direct experience with Meet Kevin.

Experience firsthand how Kevin runs his finance, real estate, and media business by spending the day with him.

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NEW: Introducing Elite Hustler's University

Grow your income and build your cash war chest (critical now.)

Increase your current income and master cash-producing hustles to feed your investments and maximize your net worth.

This is my ONLY course dedicated to income generation and entrepreneurship!

The real estate dip is coming. Capitalize on It.

These courses include access to the members-only Discord channel and private livestreams with deal analysis.

Invest and Build a Real Estate Portfolio

Learn everything you need to know to grow your wealth as a real estate investor.

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Become a Pro DIY Property Manager

Learn to manage and renovate properties for more profits and less headaches.

Become a Top Real Estate Agent

For agents & brokers who want to find more clients & service them better.

Make Passive Income on YouTube

Build & scale your own channel with my tested strategies.

Learn the algorithm secrets, video content blueprints, and editing hacks to build, monetize and scale as fast as possible.  

This course shares ALL of the secrets that I’ve used to build my channel to over 1,850,000 subscribers, make it to #1 on trending, and generate over 460,163,092 views.

Meet Kevin.

By 2015, Kevin Paffrath was a top 3 agent in Ventura County - outselling teams of agents by himself. He has gone to sell over $130,000,000 in real estate and transact over 200 individual deals. In 2018, Kevin began sharing his knowledge on Youtube, and by 2022, had over 1.85 million subscribers with over 353 MILLION views on social media. He helps viewers learn about personal finance, stocks, taxes, real estate, investing, and building wealth. He has been featured on the New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC.

License tests Kevin has passed: Real Estate Agent; Real Estate Broker; California General B Contractor License; NASAA Series 65 Investment Advisor Representative; FAA Drone Pilot; and Mortgage Loan Originator (Lender).

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